Ancient + Innovative Wisdom in Medicine
holistic healthcare, embedded in the Berkeley community, that puts you at the center
Sage is a clinic in South Berkeley specializing in integrative care - treating not just your symptoms but the underlying causes.

We offer mental health treatment, naturopathic medicine, nutrition, herbalism, acupuncture, massage and more, all in one place.

You can book single sessions for any treatment, or go deeper with our membership program or our comprehensive treatment packages.

The easiest way to schedule an appointment or get more information is simply to give us a call.
Treating the
Whole Person
The issues in our lives don't specialize. Stress, for example, can affect multiple systems, raising blood pressure, degrading sleep quality, creating muscle tension and causing inflammation.

Integrative healthcare means treating symptoms and their root causes. It means treating the whole person. That is our specialty at Sage.
"I can't speak highly enough about Sage. There are so many kinds of treatment. The practitioners are incredible. We are lucky to have them in our community."
- David
Oakland, California
What is Integrative Health?
Here's our "Ship Theory" to explain it
Everything in One Place
Effective healthcare takes a village, so we've done our best to build one: a whole team of skilled practitioners who collaborate on your care, combining Western and holistic methods tailored to your individual needs.
The easiest way to get started at Sage is to simply give us a call.

We'll begin with a phone intake in which you will describe your concerns, medical history and goals for treatment. We'll use this information to help you decide which services and/or programs will best support you on your path to healing.

"Sage has become an integral part of my weekly self care"
- VS
Berkeley, California
Be Your Best Self
We had a dream of creating a place where the healthcare system was on your side: a warm and welcoming space, practitioners who are compassionate and gifted; effective treatment that helps you to live your best life.

We are passionate about what we do and would love the opportunity to help you thrive.
Ancient + Innovative Wisdom in Medicine
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